The Art of Being Sexified

Despite my 5' 3" genetic makeup (thank you Ireland for making your men tall and your women short) I love me a good pair of 'over-the-knee' high heeled boots.  Not only do they allow women to make a sexified transformation, but they have this semi-scandalous tinge of mystery that makes me want to pretend I'm cat woman...or Megan Fox.  Anyway these boots are fantabulus.

In the words of my idol Ms. Rachel Zoe.. I die.

But being sexified isn't easy. In fact, when you've got an adequate front and some good ole running legs...fitting your all-american physique into fashion finds is not as easy as it seems.  To all my girls who rock out the "I don't care" look and supposedly do not care-- I applaud you.  I work for that look.  I stylize my absence of fashion compassion.  I do not look good wet, but rather I probably look similar to my darling Oreo (my cat)-who when she gets wet, hisses and runs away.
 I adopt a similar demeanor. 

Nor do I wake up looking like Natalie Portman in "No Strings Attached." Nope. My bedmate is met with someone who  quite frankly resembles Coutney Love.

Being effortlessly sexy when you're not a skinny mcgee is rough times for the All-American Gal.  I mean my all time favorite boots aren't made for being bootylicious. For those of us who are vertically challenged, we are left to booties (which I still adore) and delicious Tory Burch flats.
I just want more.

I want a pair of 'over-the-knee' boots that don't make me look like a 
munchkin hooker who just escaped from Oz.  

After all, just cause I'm short doesn't mean I can't be sexy.

So, I'm here to share my short yet stylish discovery with you all.  The key to wearing a pair of 'over-the-knees' without looking like you want to be thrown over somebody's knee --is outfit balance.  Outfit balance is what I call whipping out the belt to break up an oversized tunic or cocktail dress.  Whether you go for the necklace, belt, boots, or tucked in tanks...outfit balance is the enabler to our tiny yet true taste in style.  You too can saunter down the sidewalks in a pair of 'over-the-knees'-- you just need to balance out your bod.
Here is a prime example of doing just this.  This short dress enables our Fashionista the leg exposure to show off her boot choice, while maintaining her sexified status.  Not a dress girl?  That's ok, just tuck in your blouse or tank into a high-waisted pair of pants or shorts to allow a shortened torso and elongated legs.

You don't need to look good wet or wake up looking like Natalie Portman, the everyday girl has it in her to be the sexy silhouette she sees on the billboards--just a matter of 'know-how.'

The All-American Gal has a sexiness that is all her own--and its called a good pair of running legs and something for you to watch while we walk away.  Sexy is being real, whether or not you're in 'over-the-knee' boots or rockin the "I don't care" look.  And btw--we all know you care.

It's ok though--we'll keep your secret.



When Blue Jeans Aren't Blue...

Hey y'all!

Sorry this entry was a long time coming. I've had so many ideas bouncing around in my head and just when I'd sit down to write--the notorious facebook or tumblr took hold. Darn you Mark Zuckerberg.  But for this entry I'd like to visit a place we all look back on as childhood, or rather the age of Spice Girls and mattress-made castles. This entry goes out to the class of 2011.  We did it friends... I mean basically.

For most of us, dreaming was how we thought of the future.  After all, you can't predict it so why not look outside your window and hope that all the stars align?  Well here we are, three months away from leaving the place that has become our second home--we're about to graduate college.  Two months away from picking out graduation dresses and choosing the heels that we'll use to walk into our future.  The moment we walk off that stage, diploma in hand, we're free. And you know what's so scary about freedom?  Deciding what to do with it.

Ever since December I've commenced the job search to end up job searches.  I've typed till my fingertips chaffed and my resume and cover letter are exactly where I'd like them to be.  Just like the rest of you guys, this dream-turned-reality is pretty surreal.  I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that we were going through Formal Recruitment, hitting up our first Frat Party (what an experience that was) and making the friends that are gonna be around long after we delete the questionable albums on facebook?  It was yesterday sort of, because we've really just woken up from this dream that is college.  Now we're all sitting upright in our beds, checking the time and making sure we still have enough to get that job, secure that interview, and still keep up with the classes we're enrolled in.

But I think it's this crazy ridiculousness that's part of the journey.  We're about to fly off towards different skies, fabulously adorned in the latest and greatest flight gear.  Don't feel alone when you get tired of staying afloat--we're all going to make it. We will all reach the place that we envisioned in the stars from back in our high school dreams.   It's going to feel overwhelming and we're all going to feel like everything is changing too fast.  Just like fashion, life is on constant fast forward.  It's always about what's next and whose doing what.  But look at it this way...we're all just a pair of blue jeans on the shelf.  We are the perfect fit for something--just a matter of finding out exactly what that is.  Sure, some of us are a little worn, ripped and faded.  But we're also bedazzled, flexible, and prepared for anything that comes with the day ahead.  If blue jeans are still blue, then we too can withstand this test of time.  We too can prove our timelessness and necessity to the big world in front of us. 

We've woken up from the dream and the world is waving hello from across the El stop.  Now wave back and flash that sparkling smile.  You've got this, cause just like fashion, your life is always changing for the better.  This is the next big thing...your life after college




Show-Stopping Style Presented by STYLEMAX

For those of you who have had it rough since the debut of 2011, there is hope that this year can and will be sprinkling down good karma upon you.  I'm not sure what we did right, but the Fashion Lords & Ladies have given us a Fashion year to remember.  This past weekend was the 2011 Summer & Fall Preview Style Max here in Chicago-->
From Saturday through Monday I was blissfully surrounded by clothes, helping guide & advise boutique buyers across the nation on what brands to bring into their stores.  Since this was my first Style Max, I learned that wholesale selling is a whole world of its own.  This my friends is fashion on a whole new level.  To begin, the Showrooms are the middle man between brands/designers and the buyers.  We take on a brand and agree to 'show' it. Whether it be private appointments or conventions such as Style Max, Showrooms display the best of the best to potential buyers so that they can sell the latest fashion trends to their loyal clients.  Below are three examples of how it looks inside the world of STYLE MAX...
Above is Decadence Showroom, which is the one I worked for this weekend.  In this photo we are displaying the brand Hazel on the left and KLd. on the right.  Decadence also carries my two favs, Bobi (think American Apparel) and L.A. based brand 213 designed by Michelle Kim.
Next we have another showroom and as you can see, each showroom has its own distinct look.  Why?  Because it's important that the look of the showroom reflects the brands it carries.  For example, this showroom is known for bringing in modern pieces with very New York-based inspirations.  Hence the black, no fuse furniture paired with a straightforward displays of 2-0-1-1 future fashions.
Basically this is what goes down. Buyers stop by and ask to see their favorite lines, or rather the lines that are selling off the shelves at their stores.  They sit down at one of these desks, while we, the sales representatives (showroom employees) start from the 'Immediates' through the end (normally may or july) of a brand's samples.  The clothes are grouped up in collections, so we grid out the collections by their shipping dates and let the buyers pick and choose what they like.  Usually each article of clothing comes in a 'prepack' which is 2-2-2 for sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Sometimes, if the showroom has a good relationship with the brand rep, adjustments to this can be made.  As we pick out the favs of our buyers, we then start the process of a 'write up' which is us literally writing up their inventory order.  As we do this, we are making sure to write in the beginning shipping date to the end (which is the article of clothing's delete).  Buyers make sure they take photos of each of their purchases to ensure that they do not go around buying the same prints or too many sundresses.  After all, you can only have so many floral inspirations on a shelf.  You're selling clothes, not garden advertisements.

*Hint to my trend forecasters...DRESSES are having a comeback that puts B. Spears in the shadows*

For those of you who don't know... I am a jean fanatic.  My dream is to own 365 pairs of jeans so that I can have one year where everyday I walk the city sidewalks in a new, fresh pair of denim delights.  At Style Max I met the brand 1921 who just came out with a new revolution of denim--YOGA JEANS.  Not jeggings my friends but jeans that have the same fit of real jeans, 
but the comfort and lounging joy of yogies.  
Like I said, 2011 is going to rock.  For my accessories addicts, I've got a few surprises for you too! Big this year--belts and scarves.  Tie your style up with some of these fun and fashionable finds.

And the fashion doesn't stop there!  For the baby rocker in all of us (you can't say you never dreamt of singing your heart out on stage) STUDDED everythings, from leather bracelets to buckled sensations-- MORE is BETTER.  Feast your eyes on the belts and bracelets that are sparkling with metallic magic.
Last but not least...I couldn't resist this new piece which has obviously been made with a nod towards our Lady G.
Pretty much my fashion fantasy brought to life. I should call them up and ask if they can make this into a dress! Style Max is more than just a convention of buying and selling, it's a three day movie trailer of show-stopping style.  So look towards Spring with a bigger smile than usual--nothing but greatness is coming to a store near you soon!