LITERAL Fashion. When to listen and when to read the FINE PRINT.

Fashion trends come and go. 

Yet, Fashion No-no's, mis-wears, and "OMG WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" last forever. So, here I have compiled the 6 top trends of 2011 and explained what they're all about and where they came from.  Anything can look good on a mannequin who belongs to no generation, country, or gender. Yet, for us, the children of Generation Y--I propose we read the fine print of fashion forward-ness before overstepping our rebellious ways.
We need to remember where we & our trending styles came from, in order to predict and inspire where they will travel to next...

1. Bloomers
Unless you are a character in a 19th Century Victorian-Era novel...you should not be wearing bloomers for what they were originally used for.  Big underwear will never be back in, but rather the term is now used to describe larger fitting shorts that have a bit of flair with either being puffed at the thighs or how they are cut at the waist.  Underpants are a must with whatever you wear. Take a hint of Lohan ladies.

2. The Boyfriend Watch
Please. Please. PLEASE--Do not go steal your boyfriend's watch. Not only will you shortly after be a thief but you will also be single. The boyfriend watch was nicknamed as such due to the wide set, thicker bands that these WOMEN watches entail. These watches are still styled for women but the thicker band was stolen from its fellow time-telling brother.

3. The Romper Suit
Initially brought into style society for children as the loose fitting one-sie, it was merchandised for young boys who loved to be on the go. Back in the day, of 19th Century France, the garmet was only allowed for men and sometimes infants. Yet, ever since 2006, designers have supported a revival worthwhile of investing in. The romper was the key "go-buy-now" item of Marc Jacobs' 2009 Spring Collection and is now a staple item for spring and summer wear.  Thank the children folks.

4. Poncho
The poncho was created by the ancient natives of the Andes and is now being sported by the ladies of the United States. I'm not sure how they would feel about Jessica Simpson being their biggest fan but I guess they're glad they have someone to carry on the tradition. Word to wise friends- let the girl who didn't know chicken of the sea was tuna wear the garment that belongs to native South American culture and turn it into flannel. For the rest of us? Let's have a little respect and wear the poncho in its original inspired colors/fabrics or please--do not wear one at all. No one wants to see your green polka dotted Snuggie that has one hole for your head.

5. Fedora
I will admit--I own a fedora. But, I do not wear it around campus as if to cry out to my college crew:

LOOK! I am your fellow hipster. Let us talk about music that we found out about before anyone else and then stop liking it the moment it becomes mainstream?!

No. No I do not. And neither did the men of the 1920's who brought the fedora to the forefront of American hats. The fedora was born as a hat for the all-American middle class guy just trying to reach that quintessential All American Dream. And then there's the present. Now the fedora represents the quintesential the All Un-American Attitude that has become the hipster trademark of Generation Y.
Tread carefully my fedora wearing friends-this hat is capable of pulling a one-eighty on ya!

6. Pajama Fashion
College friends rejoice. High school kids begin to cheer--Pajamas have finally made it into the fashion world as being garments acceptable to wear in the daylight. I always knew our pajama wearing ways would win out the Fashion Lords & Ladies. And now we have reached our highest success. Spring 2011 is all about pajama style-inspired pieces from pajama bottoms to lingerie cocktail dresses. This is going to revolutionize the American classroom attire nationwide. Just to rebel I expect to see everyone in their best slacks and a polo to match. The new grunge is Ralph Lauren friends.

Time will only tell what Spring 2011 will bring but I'm sure it will be filled with many moments of "OMG" and many head shakes of "Why would she think that's OK to wear?" But hopefully I've cut down on a few. Remember--even when you've committed a fashion no-no just rock it out like a champ. The worst thing you can wear is insecurity.
Confidence will always be in style--not to mention--incredibly fashion forward.




A Freak Creation

...Whether you're broke or evergreen
You're black, white, beige, chola descent
You're Lebanese, you're orient
Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
'Cause baby, you were born this way....
Last night Lady Gaga told me to go after my dreams no matter what. Because sometimes, some people think that you'll never win a Grammy.  I cried when I heard this because there in that arena stood all of us together.  All of the kids who grew up knowing and feeling--that they were different. Normal would never be within our reach. As we grew we began to at look at normalcy with such disdain and boredom, that we look in the mirror daily and mutter "Thank God." 
For one night, the freaks had community.  
For f-o-u-r hours...the homeless had a home.


I'm the kind of person who was never much impressed with the cultural sensations of the day. I'm impressed by people who start movements, who make your blood rush in a vivacious swirl around your heart. Seeing Lady Gaga, along with her outfit picks made me look around at all the blessed people that surrounded me with understanding. Being someone who sits on the other end of the bench of society isn't easy. My wardrobe choices are sometimes looked at as 'weird' 'bizarre' 'ridiculous'--you name it...it's been said. And yet here I was, sitting a few rows down from someone who had strung lights all around his torso, arms, legs, and feet just so he could shine the brightest. It was truly a privilege to share air with my fellow freaks. Or at least that's what society would like us to be called. But being a freak has its perks.  Being a freak means you think. Not only do You consume but You produce. G uses freakdom the way it's supposed to be used...to create. She creates these costumes that remind us of what Fashion truly is all about-and yes that's with a capital F. 

Fashion is about taking your emotions, your thoughts, all the things you can't put into words and turning it into some materialized canvas that you happen to wear as a tee shirt.

After taking one look at a Lady Gaga outfit most people reply:

She looks like an alien. What a freak.

Yet, did you ever stop and think that's how she feels?

There are nights when I can't help but feel like an alien. My spaceship crashed and Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' is my planet's national anthem. Here is KB... Utterly solo in a world where to make it big you have to submit yourself to reality show cruelties or be born in fame's gleaning green light. Yet, what is a young woman to do when she feels her heart beat faster than the rest of them. What do you do when you know you were meant for something brighter?  

What do you do when you're [born this way?]

Well... my loves....my frenemies--you work your flippin a** off.

Watching Lady Gaga perform, her outfits spilling out beautiful fabrics while screaming for us to [free our minds], I cried tears of pure inspiration. I wish I had a tiny bottle so that each time I could jar them up and remember--this is why I breathe. Purity is fleeting for us artists. We're left with jumbled minds and nights of over-analyzation. We're left with good work that's not good-cause it's not GREAT.

So here I sit about to challenge myself.  I want to ensure that I am living up to my fullest potential and to do so means to create...everyday. I dare you to join me. One day I will be the Editor-in-Chief of the number one Fashion magazine in the world. Whether it be Vogue or one that I'll create myself is left to be determined. One day I'll be the Gaga of Fashion and show the world that everyone deserves stylish self expression. I'll have my own stores, my own lines (or lines I helped with), and my children will one day look to me and say, "How did you do it Mom?"  

I'm sick of us outcasts having dead diaries for dreams. 

You too?

Take my challenge of creation.  Do not hide in the grey ambiguity that is normal

When I think of how we're all made and how we all came to be, the writer and fashion guru in my soul comes out to play. I imagine a God, a loving God, who writes a beautiful story of life...a life that is brought into reality by two people in love. He instills in you your own colored gem that sparkles the most when you are true to how it glitters. We are each others treasures. So let us be cherished...without prejudice or judgment. 

My core:

Wish me luck!