Summer 2012: A Sneak Preview

Sometimes when I'm driving with the windows down I feel like Lauren Conrad...and then I remember I'm in a Honda CRV not a convertible.

But hey, both of our close friends call us by our initials...so that's something right?

Today is beautiful and it feels like summer. So naturally I begin to want to watch every season of Laguna Beach. Which, unsurprisingly leads my wandering thoughts to summer.

Summer 2012 is almost upon us and the retailers are beckoning to us to get ready now...the nice weather is here so go find your shorts.  The trends this season are both recycled and new, bringing with them a bright perspective on the future while giving a nod to past fashion formulas.   

If you've stopped by Express lately, you've witnessed the explosion of turqs and corals that took over the white walls. Now don't hand over your nautical navy and white to Plato's Closet just yet. First, you'll get like three bucks, and second nautical is here to stay. The updated navy and white is now navy and turquoise, allowing us girls caught in the brights v.s. nautical crossfire to enjoy the color play of both styling worlds.

Next we have neons...it seems as if the hipsters and their highlighter ray bans have won this round. Neon everything is going to be creeping around every fitting room corner, just waiting to accent your cute black mullet dress. Don't fight it. I will admit that initially every being in my neutral palette felt dizzy at the thought of turning the accessory lights on. But after some thought...and a few trend meetings later, I've come to appreciate the youthful fresh take on the re-energized 90's trend and have even been one to participate. This weekend I'll be sporting neon wedges and I can not wait for their debut.  The only issue that arrives with neons is who's the one stopping street style traffic? The amazing outfit or those incredibly bright shoes???  But I can share the style spotlight with my heels, after all they give me the lift I need every morning.

My next all time favorite for this Spring/Summer reflects my soft spot for trash with class. Ladies and gents, I give you the Mullet Skirt.  Short in the front and long in the back, it is the ultimate must-have this season. Not only is it flattering on almost everyone, but it's an easy can-do update to all those maxi skirts we all have five of, along with allowing our mini skirt champ to add some class to her everyday wardrobe. When wearing the mullet skirt, everyone is a winner.  If you're looking for some good ones (some of them are mullet skirt knock-offs and are just awkward lengths...please note: if it looks weird on the hanger...it will most likely look weird-er on you) Khols has brought in the new Spring/Summer Lauren Conrad pieces, one of which is a coral colored mullet skirt that has a stretch band waist. We know what our pal P'Trique be saying, #totesamaze all the way home. 

AKIRA also has some good mullet skirts in animal prints. These have a mini skirt in the front and then a train in the back. If you're not 100% sold, I'd go with the LC version for fashion forward beginners. The AKIRA styles are definitely for the girl who wants to be in a street style blog, not on the beach talking with Steven.  Maybe that's why Kristin is already sporting it!

So go out and create your new Spring/Summer style friends. 
With the arrival of a new season, it's the recreation of a new you!