Fleeting Fashion

Everyone has different facets to what makes their fashion great. Style can be present for years and never leave us, for example denim flared jeans or your favorite black cardigan. Can't go wrong there. Then there are style moments reserved for seasons or special occasions, like your white shorts or or over-sized Moon Boots. I love style that exists in small periods of time as I have found that it is when we are at our most creative.  When we can step outside our everyday wardrobe and dress the part... we find ourselves dancing outside of our clothing comfort and into a costume that reflects a unique part of us. A part that we don't always let shine.

This is what I like to call fleeting fashion; a small moment in time where you show the world your brilliant imagination and let your clothes do the talking. I love days like this and actually found myself a witness to this fleeting fashion phenomenon while in Chicago. 

On Saturday, Chicago's Wrigley Field became home to country lovers, singers, and players. The country fashionistas came out to play and they made sure to have their country getups in full force. For one day boots were the obvious choice in 90 degree heat and if your jeans were cuffed... well you better find some scissors! Thick belts sinched the waists of denim dresses, while boys zipped up their tight blue jeans and slanted their cowboy hats. For six hours city girls left their Longchamp totes at home and for a night boys traded their Sperrys for boots.

For one day Clark Street became an extension of Nashville and Wrigley Field served as a home to rodeos, not baseball games. I have to say, I've never seen this space so greatly used. ;)

I think this is what lures me into the world of country so much, for not only does the music transport me into an endless summer, but the people that gather for it present a stylish mural that leaves me inspired. For one day I wore my hair in long curls, slipped into a black cotton dress, and cursed like a sailor that I couldn't find my boots. For a day Chicago's style went country and it was beautiful. Never have I seen so many smiling faces and felt those carefree vibrations that only the strum of a guitar can conjure.  This is what "fleeting fashion" does to us. It says come outside and make the sidewalks your stage. It dares us to up the ante and display our passions, to have a show & tell sesh with the world outside.

Fleeting fashion doesn't just have to be something that we wait for though, we are in control of when these moments arise. Choose a random day and challenge yourself to show the world a new facet of your fashion. Don't wait for Chicago to go country... Go country and have dare Chicago to follow you.