The Seventh Month

While it's true I've traded city side streets for suburban sidewalks, I maintain the thought that everyday is a room full of mirrors and every morning you chose what you reflect out to the world around you.  Lately my style has been very reflective of my life. Muted and calm pastels have replaced bold colors and black has taken a vacation until the fall. Right now is a calming season, a relaxing summer which I sporadically sprinkle with moments of vivacity and rich color.

July is a beautiful time to find yourself in summer. It's the crux of the summer love story, and its probably my favorite month out of all twelve. In a world where we're always running out of time, the seventh month seems to push us back into our lawn chairs and say,
"It's ok pal, have another Summer Shandy with me and we'll plan the future when August joins in."

So, now back in my lawn chair I think about the colors that have taken over this season. How mint green has given the rainbow a refreshing taste of something different. A thirst quenching taste of the new and the intriguing. Romantic rose colored glasses have made optimism contagious and suddenly quite stylish. Tantalizing rhinestones gave faceted stones a new-found royalty, while ivory became the new white.

If you're like me and you find yourself a month or two behind at times, take a deep breath and turn up Phillip Phillips on the radio. Roll the windows down and pull into your nearest downtown sanctuary. You know the place. Where boutiques are like dandelions and the price is worth the ensemble.

Your summer love story isn't at the end yet!  After all friend, we're only in the middle.