Who's The Boss?

Rainy Wednesdays are good for two things in my book: blogging & organizing my hot mess of a living space. I can't even call it a room, because a room means it serves a defined purpose. The only purpose these four walls can be defined by is keeping my clothes dry.  But blogging comes first, then organizing (if I don't find something better to do).

There have been some notable changes in my life recently. I took on a new venture at work and to celebrate I bought myself a whole new wardrobe. The day after I received the news I found myself inevitably at Nordstroms, scouring the racks for the next big thing.

It's easy for us suburban sweeties to fall into a dull downfall. Realistically when you're in your twenties and you're trying to make ends meet, there's not a lot of time or mulah to freshen up your life with a trip to Paris. This is why the style gods invented malls, because with some good sleuthing and a knack for knowing what looks good even when it's off the hanger- you can look like you just got off the private jet.

When I first started my job, I remember thinking, 
Oh my god, everyone here is beautiful and I look like I just walked out of a Sears commercial. 

That first night after work, instead of enjoying dinner with my friends, I recruited them all on a mission. The goal? To make me look like I belonged working at a fashion company.

Little by little I began to piece new outfits together and heard about new stores to try. And yes, I did this all without the help of Pinterest. Who needs pinned pictures when my office is a fashion runway?

When they say, "fake it till you make it," they're not kidding. It's taken me a little over a year to really grasp this new adult sense of style I've acquired, and believe me it's still a work in progress.  On days where I hit the "sleep please button," my good ole black pants and tank top make a comeback. Because although I try, I will never be the girl who never has a sad style day. I mean, I wore pink corduroys in high school...let's be serious.  Girl is gonna have a miss, but she sure as hell is going to have some wins. It's important to keep in mind that as we're trying to figure out the new us and redefine our "living spaces" into big girl rooms...we're expanding ourselves and challenging our comfort zones. 

Cause there will come the day when we're the boss. We'll be the chic working woman that the high-school-looking new hire is looking up to. I think I might actually make a powerpoint for them. With slides like, "Only a watch? Where's your stackable bracelets?" and "Wear flats on model store days."

This is my favorite part of fashion and working in this field. It's a teaching industry, where above all, you learn about yourself. It's a community full of men and women who are self starters and explorers. 

Only brave & stylish souls need apply, for when you work on the runway, you are constantly redefining and unearthing new trending terrain.