Spring 2013: A Pastel Picture

Marie Antoinette provided us with a pastel publication that was a life led in pink. Decades later, we are taking her legacy to the streets, strutting out her style.  We saw a sneak peak of the Pastel Rebellion last summer with mint green jeans. Now, from our nail art to our jewelry, we sport our pastel allegiance in every accessory imaginable.

Throughout the city streets of Chicago, I find myself looking for King Kandy or Princess Lolly, for surely I have walked into Candy Land. Mint greens and pale purples have made their way into every wardrobe ensemble, whether they arrive as opaque stones on chunky necklaces, or newly dyed denim. 

Need some know how for pastel pair ups? Neons are always a good idea, as long as it's treated as an accent piece and not the main course. My latest obsession is lavender. It was the biggest call out from the Spring 2013 Fashion Week runways. From Dior to Chloé, the lightweight shade is sprinkling down from the style elite like April showers. Spring 2013 is going to bring great things...including a colorful palette to turn up the exposure. I'm not sure if even Instagram has a filter bright enough to handle the neon newness.

Whatever your pleasure, the chance to dip your feet into the pastel pool has arrived, just make sure your Spring Break ensemble is knit with neons and jump in!