TwentySomething Trendsetters

I love writing at cafes. Makes me feel like a young female Hemingway...writing and rambling until something sticks. Today I'm watching the cars pass by on Route 14 more than I'm acknowledging the blinking cursor taunting me. So many things are on my mind today... but where to begin?

I've got Kanye's "Stronger" pumping through my ear buds (a good throwback) and I'm in a go-get-em kind of mood. Good mood to wake up in, but a hard one to maintain. I'll be starting a new life in a few weeks and next week I'll be traveling across the world. Newness is the best thirst-quenching-appetite- killer I have experienced.  I've been referencing one of my favorite quotes recently, mentally reciting it in my head when my to-do list becomes as scary as a girl sporting UGGs and a mini skirt.

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

Twenty four words that give meaning to my twenty four years of life. For those of you who have just graduated college, I highly suggest you write this down on your hand and carry it with you. This thought has given me a flashlight in the alleyways that are reality.  Life in your twenties is the adventure that only half of us will have. I've been realizing this more and more recently that some of the friends I know and love will not be with me when it comes down to the finish line. The dreamers will dream and the do-ers will do. Unfortunately there will come a point where the two diverge. Remember Robert Frost talking about the "road less traveled by?" Well that's a real  thing. Everyday we decide whether we continue down the path with thorns and rocks, or if we turn around and hurry home to familiarity and blankets. 

The past year of my life has tested my resolve. It has shown me the strength and focus that is required if we are to reach the success talked about at happy hours.  And I'm sorry to say my friends, that success  is not  found at the bottom of a jager bomb. It couldn't be farther from anything found in a shotglass.

My twenties so far have shown me that I can't always be control. A hard realization for a former honors student to accept. My Type A personality harps on the idea that everything is in my control, but with every rope I untie, there's a freedom in letting the universe come at you. That's where the adventure begins and the explorer in us takes form. I mean... Drew Carey gets it.

People look at my post graduation life (quite often) and have no qualms in telling me what's wrong with it.  Allow me to share some of my favorites...

"You're dating a guy in the military?!"
"Wait... you only see your boyfriend three times a year...?"
"You're moving somewhere where you don't know anyone?"
"You're leaving home for the unknown????"

My reply to all of the above is a resounding Yes. Because this is my story and if I'm going to keep this blog going than I better do some things worth reading about.  I usually follow up with a Why not? 
But sometimes holding up a mirror to people can reveal truths that would rather hide under cardigans and in between bangles. It's hard to ignore reality in your twenties and at times even harder to accept it.

I look to the next chapter of my life with the same tenacity I felt on my first day of high school. Some say your first day of high school is the first day of the rest of your life, and I have to say I agree with them. In four years I transformed from a class clown rocking pink pants to an emo dreamer, and finished at a tiffany-wearing-polo-prepster. And now? Well now I'm sitting at a coffee shop wearing a pair of yogies and a Green Bay Packer's tank. Fashion is  the greatest way to show our individual evolution and today I just want to be comfy.

The next chapter holds a closet full of clothes I've never seen. It full of dresses I'd never thought I'd wear, and shoes I'm not sure how I'll walk in. But that's where the life that's waiting for us begins. It starts the moment we shake hands with risk and slide into an outfit that allows the world to see a new side of us. Us twenty-somethings are world's trendsetters. Let's make risk-taking chic. 
Let's make life's plan for us the new black.




An Amy Winehouse State of Mind

Every once in a while I have a Amy Winehouse kind of morning. My makeup smeared from last night, clothes strewn across the floor. I wake up in my bed of pillows and fall slowly back upon them thinking, "Well isn't this wonderful?" And in a strange glamourous way... it sort of is. The mornings that follow a night spent with my girlfriends presents the perfect brunch time discussions. Suddenly in this middle of nowhere town--there's too much to chat about.  You know, the important things...

Like did you get his number, has he texted you, and my favorite... 
Did you see so-and-so from high school? 

Mornings present such vast opportunity and I hate the ones I've wasted. During the work week they consist of a heart pumping workout and a cup of coffee. My morning is full of oatmeal and an exploration of ideas. My mind is a constant type writer, constantly creating and deleting, constantly adding new punctuations for my emotions. Like I said, an Amy Winehouse state of mind.

Amy once said,
"Girls talk to each other like men talk to each other. But girls have an eye for detail." 
This must be why when I'm out at a bar with my friends, we are always the first to spot an ex, a frien-nemy, a rival, and the girl on the other side of the bar who's basically wearing the same outfit you have on. Don't bother asking if we saw this or that on Facebook... we've either already liked it or already sent a text vehemently hating on it. We're girls. We're three steps ahead and have a textual transmission trail to prove it.

The show Gossip Girl can be, at times, an exaggerated mirror to the mysterious inner workings of girl world.  I like to think the same holds true for a few of Amy Winehouse's lyrics. Of course I hope to see no one end up in rehab (get it together LiLo!) but she saw the world for what it was and I find this trait endearingly raw and admirable. To blatantly call the sky azure, when everyone in the room knows it's cerulean takes guts. It takes gumption. To have an Amy Winehouse kind of morning means you had the courage to have a royal mess of a night. And on this Monday afternoon, I tip my rose tinted glasses at those of you who dare to live and run in heels. It takes skill, it takes grace, and it takes a true woman.

So begin your Tuesday tomorrow with a bit of Amy Winehouse and dare to add a pinch of glitter. 
Call the sky whatever color you're feeling. 
This is life people... it's the only movie most of us will star in.




That's Not My Name [A Reply]

I've heard via the informative article from Sean Levinson that a certain CEO has come to the realization that it is no use hiding behind his mighty jean walls. According to him, there is no need to offer sizes that fit men and women of all shapes and sizes, for as he fears his stores will "become totally vanilla" when one attempts to target everyone. Clearly, targeting the "cool and popular kids" seems to be the most logical solution.  So, we all came away from Levinson's article with the assumption that this CEO "hates fat chicks." And in return, 2,217 men and women left comments informing him what they hate as well. After all, you can't make a statement without warranting a reply. It seems as if this CEO has gotten a free focus group, courtesy of Generation Y.

Well my reply to this is war on health is as follows. The women of this country are not going to accept the exclusion of our peers from a retail store. We are not of the mind set that one or two letters on a removable tag is going to dictate who we deem cool. Has anyone seen the HBO show Girls? Women such as Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, and Miranda Lambert are healthy, beautiful women who, last time I checked, have been deemed as "cool" by the very target audience sought after. And yet they are not "cool" enough for a store that thinks washboard abs are the top priority.  The high school hierarchy of the new millenium is not based on weight, its based on personality. As a generation we praise and gravaitate towards game changers and those who motivate or make us laugh. Remember how we all turned Rose from Titanic into a fashion icon? Well my friends, she was a size 8 and she looked fabulous.

When I first read Levinson's article I initially felt angry. The words of this CEO  spurred memories of my friends starving themselves to be thin,  just to maintain a level of "perfection" pushed upon us by a man made media. We've come too far to be sent back into the time machine that says "Nothing tastes as good as being skinny." Sorry Ms. Moss but apparently they do not have Sprinkles cupcakes in London.  We now reside in a progressive society where women are celebrated for their natural beauty... the number on a scale is slowly becoming irrelevant. But why is this? Because fashion itself is constantly evolving. 

In February 2012, London dedicated the weekend of Fashion Week to host the first plus sized women's fashion shows. The same week, designer Mark Fast sent women down his runway which were sizes 12-16. The only causality being that two members of his team were so shocked and outraged that they quit. But a revolution was sparked. Following the wrapping up of the 2013 Fashion Weeks all around the world, the Council of Fashion Designers of America continued to critique and challenge designers to broaden their vision of beauty. The more women you invite into your runway shops, the more sales you will see. Retail 101 my friends. Honestly there's nothing "vanilla" about it. For the record, its my favorite flavor and I don't appreciate it being used as dull. Vanilla is not dull or average, it merely presents a clean slate with which to accessorize. But for someone who wishes to keep a narrow mind, I am sad for them that they will never see the beauty that is both natural and real. Or know the deliciousness that is vanilla fro-yo.

The American woman will not be defined by a letter or a number. 
My name is not 136 pounds. 

It's KB. What's yours?