Accessible Glamour

January in the retail world is a big red sign. Sales are constantly popping up across all major retailers as they prepare for resort wear and the beginning of spring. After running around the mall yesterday, I had to take a timeout at Starbucks to prioritize which stores I had to pay my respects to and which ones could wait for true Spring-Trans wear shopping. Here's what I came up with:

Forever21 should stay forever away. Zara is my happy place. With its western European influences, and back to the basics sampling, it is a style guru's gold mine. I think that people often hesitate bopping into the spanish retailer because of the European flair, but this is where trends become wearable. From blazers in color multipliers, to dresses that are Oscar-worthy, Zara presents a wardrobe closet that will take you from day to night, Sunday to Sunday.

My go-to guilty pleasures? Blazers (this is how I make my clothes look new), booties in every color and heel size,  fit-n-flare skirts, and of course--quilted moto jackets. One must always be prepared for spontaneous motorcycle adventures.

For the love of all that is a budget...never purchase a piece of jewelry here. Are they incredible? Absolutely. Are they worth the +100 dollars purchase? Absolutely not. J.Crew is for collared button downs adorned with faceted stones, pants that you can wear to your Grandma's birthday bash and then out to happy hours, and basic tees with words to make you smile. J.Crew is an illustration of casual glamour--the all American way. Currently they have some great vintage inspired sweater shrugs that are too comfy for words. I just bought three. I'm no hipster, but I love me a great chunky sweater. Comfy chic DOES exist.

My go-to guilty pleasures? TEES! TEES! TEES! J.Crew is partnering with Teach for America and the profit of these tee shirts will 100% go straight to the foundation. I mean really, it's for the kids. Their knit tee shirts are the most comfortable things on earth. Feel like wearing a pajama top to your 7 am meeting? Invest in some J.Crew tees. Also, I live for their collared button ups. Their cotton fabrication make them easy to wash (cold rinse only) and wrinkle free. Great for tucking into a pencil skirt and pairing it with a Zara pair of booties. Good to go.

Henri Bendel
When people ask me who I'm dating these days I should probably just answer my great friend Henri. I spend the most time with this guy and his treasures anyway. Plus he always knows what I like. For the month of January, a ton of their jewels are all 50% off along with adorable planners that will fit into your nylon tote. Organization AND sparkle? Sign me up! It's always surprising to me that quite a few of my friends have never had a Henri experience. I beg of you to check out their eCommerce selection online. You can get the J.Crew jewelry look without the J.Crew pricing. This accessory store is every girl's dreamt up jewelry box. Plus, I have a current obsession with anything rose gold and this store's assortment plays right into my heart. Henri, you know me well.

My go-to guilty pleasures? Stackable rings. These come in sets of three and physically show you how to pull of the stackable trend. They are the perfect little bit of sparkle to add to any ensemble. Plus they come in fun motifs like bows, skulls, and the Henri Bendel pendant. I had to get one. Next there's their candle candy shop. I say candy shop because you feel like this stuff smells too good to be good for you...but it is. My apartment constantly smells of their Chai candle, it keeps me calm.

These are my top three must-haves. If you have extra time some other stores rockin great sales are listed below:

-Ann Taylor (I'm a savage in their clearance section)
-Club Monaco (but be ready to splurge)

Hate driving and public transit? All of the mentioned stores are VERY easy-to-work websites. 

No excuses. No breaking the bank. Step into spring with a brand new style.