A Homecoming

I've once heard it said that the best part about leaving home is being able to come back. As someone who returned home this past weekend, I have to say this is all too true. With a homecoming comes a feeling of familiarity that makes even the sleepiest of towns suddenly magical. Every sidewalk, highway, airport terminal... you realize that you once had your life play out here. The pages of your story were drafted in the place you call your hometown. A homecoming should set your soul on fire.

This best describes the past weekend for me. I came home full of expectations, hopes, dreams, and some news to share. My plane rides home are always full of anticipation, but this one takes the cake. You never know what will take place at a stage revisited. 

My best friends picked me up and driving down old highways we played our songs and spoke of the last time we were all together. We were in awe at how things had changed and yet our love for one another had only grown. It is through growing up that we see our friends as family; the champions of our heartbreak and the soothing voices at dawn. There is something about coming back to a town that calls you "one of their own." It's one of the best things I have experienced. It is unconditional community.

Lounging out on the deck with signature sangria, we discussed the latest and debated the now. Once upon a summer night we sat around these trees musing about prom problems, and now here we are talking of new engagements, new careers, and new lives. In a photo we look so adult. We've learned how to dress and that eye liner should be used sparingly. But in the middle of a dinner in Chicago you'll see the old characters come out to play. You'll hear the women who met as girls laugh at jokes while basking in the beauty of a ten year friendship. We each travel far now to reconvene our miniature congress of femininity and friendship. But where there is love, there is a way. And on a Saturday night in Chicago I was reminded just how special I am to have been given such a gift. 

After all, a homecoming is only as good as the home you come back to.


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