Making Sense of Sororities

One of my favorite things is when people discover I was in a sorority and then reply with,

"Oh, that makes sense."

I'm glad you think so. Aside from learning how to paint my nails on my right hand with my left, being in a sorority was one of the best things I've ever done. Learning how to coexist with more girls than you'd ever like to be around, is a skill that has taken me far in my career, as the fashion industry is dominated by women. Sorority women are not just girls in neons playing powderpuff on the lacrosse field. Let me list the ways Greek girls have a leg up on life:

1. We know when to keep things to ourselves. After endless chapter meetings of wanting to say whatever comes to mind, we've learned to pick and choose our words carefully because after all- you live with these girls. You learn very quickly in a sorority when to say what's on your mind, and how to deliver it in a way that won't end up like this:

2. Sorority girls are mini politicians. We don't mess around when it comes time for officer elections, and we definitely won't when it comes time for that next promotion. Shaking hands and kissing babies? That's the way of yesterday. We can create a campaign, deliver inspiring speeches, and pass our finals. Bring it on Washington.

3. We have a worldwide network of sisters. Enough said.

4. We'll get our hands dirty. Habitat for Humanity? Food drives? Car washes? You name it- we've done it. You haven't seen determination until you've met a chapter that believes in a cause. Sorority girls are philanthropic warriors. 

5. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. While my neighbor would crawl home at 4 am, I did not have that luxury. Being in a sorority means being a part of the bigger picture and what it means to set an example for the next class. It's learning that every action has a reaction, and doing what's right isn't always what's easy.  Actually it never is. It's never easy.

7. Multi-tasker is our middle name. Literally. What did you think the M in KMB stood for? Plan a formal, design tee shirts, practice recruitment, tutor on campus, run for Panhellenic, and do everything else college requires? Challenge accepted.

8. We always choose Paris. Being in a sorority means having a front row seat to the reality show that is undergrad college. Between your own experiences and those of your sisters, you learn quickly that while boys may come and go--your friends are always going to be there to put you on the plane to France. Or they'll make you watch The Hills until you promise you'll stop talking to Justin Bobby.

9. We're as loyal as they come. Being a part of a sisterhood means that while you may not love everyone in your chapter, they're your sister regardless. When push comes to shove you're there for each other through thick and thin.

10. You're an independent, successful, beautiful badass. There's no other way of saying it. The women I've been lucky to know and call my friends are people who inspire me to do better, do more, and become the best version of myself. We don't shy away from a board room presentation; we've already learned how to keep the attention of 100+ women with unlimited texting. We're brave and ready to take on the next challenge, whatever that may be. We've learned what it means to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We celebrate one another and are each other's cheerleaders through life. So I'm glad it "makes sense" that I was in a sorority. Because I was and I love it.


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