Hello Summer

There is nothing I love more than waking up to a weekend that's only begun. My friends and I are famous for making it worth our while, these forty eight hours of freedom. We're known for drives to the ocean when the mainland gets to be a little too much. We're not above wasting a whole day by the pool with faijitas. And if I'm not at a brunch; I'm probably off grabbing a "like it" scoop of mexican vanilla ice cream (vanilla and cinnamon for those who don't know).

Summer is by far my favorite lover. He tells me about the best songs and when it rains we watch only Oscar worthy movies. How wonderful to live in a world that when the sun is shining, you have something to sing along to? 

During the summer weekends even darkness does not dissuade us from dancing under a satin blanket of stars. Street lamps and glow sticks provide pops of yellows and neons to light the way and call for others to join. 

In other words, we started in the winter & now we're here.

Hello Summer.


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